Searching for Your Ancestors through Food

I kick off this new topic of my website by sharing one of my favorite interests (call it a hobby or maybe even an obsession)…Genealogy. Years ago, I became simply entranced by the idea of getting to know my ancestors. Growing up, my immediate family was, and still is, very close. Outside of my nuclear family there seem to be differing degrees of closeness. As a child, I spent time with my mother’s family but distance kept us apart. Unfortunately, I spent only a few years with my father’s parents before my grandmother and grandfather passed away. My sisters spent almost no time with their paternal grandparents. As an adult, I became more interested in getting to know my grandparents and their ancestors, and gradually I became my small family’s “historian”.

Notice I mentioned above that my family is small? With my perception that I could count my known family on my fingers and toes, I was convinced that my family search would be quick and painless. Boy was I wrong! So far I have researched (quite thoroughly I might add) and found almost 1,000 ancestors and living family members. I have talked with family I never knew existed! I have pieced together my ancestor’s lives through pictures, census records, family stories, newspaper archives, and historical publications. I have discovered that I am really good at research (a big plus for researching your family history) and that my family wanted to be remembered.

My Fourth Great Grandfather, Joseph J. Klinker's Resting Place; b. 1799, d. 1851, Buried in the beautifully quaint Mayfield Cemetery, Ohio


One way to learn more about my family is to educate myself on the lives they led. I can do this by learning about the events of their time…historical happenings and major events. However, I also want to learn about them through food, an obvious connection to my love for cooking. My family has recipes that have been passed down through the generations. I want to share those. There are also recipes that were specific to certain geographic locations, cultures, and historical timeframes. I want to share those too. What about your family’s recipes and memories? I would love to share them as well! Email me here to give voice to your family’s favorite meals and in remembrance of your family history.

Watch out for my first family recipe this week. I can’t wait to kick off this new and exciting way of cooking for the family!


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  1. I love the kick-off for the new web site. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. How interesting to honor those in our lives that share and handed down their love to us all through their food.

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